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Published Work  


This tappestry is about my friend Amina. She's from Syria and we met through a program where I was coupled with her, because she asked to get in contact with a Dutch girl. I learned a lot from our friendship, so thats what I have incorportated in this tappestry together with our differences, misunderstandings and similarities.

In gesprek met De Zichten 

I made this animation for an artist in residence at TOON in the Neighbourhood De Zichten in The Hague.

I tried to speak to as many local residents as possible and collected their voices and stories. In the animation

"In gesprek met De zichten" I've combined these stories, to show the diversity of stories in this neighbourhood.

I do this because I noticed that I can learn a lot when I listen to the stories of people outside of my own bubble. With sharing these stories in my art with other people I hope this can count for other people to and that we maybe can have a bit more understanding for each other. 

How can I really connect? 

Connecting with people is the great source of inspiration for my work. In May 2023 I spent three weeks in Switzerland and I wanted to get to know the country by meeting its people. Through an organization I could stay in people's homes in exchange for help. These people really let me into their family during the week I was there as a guest. We ate together, went grocery shopping, I met some of their friends, they showed me their favorite places and we had long conversations. In Switzerland I filled a sketchbook with the stories of those wonderful people. Back home I used different techniques to work them out. See the paintings, etchings and screen prints below.

Factory workers 

Last year I devoted a project to the employees of the factory where my father works. I had a student job there during the holidays, when I became fascinated by the interaction between all the kind and welcoming factory workers. Many different men from different backgrounds all work together with a lot of jokes and laughter. In the canteen you hear both Turkish and old-fashioned Dutch, and although I am different from them, they made me feel very welcome. 

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